Hong Wei (Asia) Holdings Company Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) are committed to promoting sustainable development and social responsibility, which is important to create long-term value for the Group’s shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. The Group strives to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment as well as talent training and development. We are also engaged in charitable activities to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

As a responsible Group, our mission is to operate the business by incorporating sustainability principles into the core of our business strategies, including focusing on ways to efficiently utilize raw materials deployed for manufacturing our major products in form of particleboards, to create long-term economic value for our shareholders and to ensure our employees having a safe and healthy working environment. We are committed to minimizing its environmental impact throughout its business processes. Through stringent environmental control in operations, we strive to ensure that applicable environmental laws are complied with. We review and evaluate from time to time the efficiency and effectiveness of our environmental initiatives. It is our aim to strike a fine balance between environmental protection and business growth.


Waste Emission

The group produces particleboards from residual wood as its core operation during the reporting period. Waste caused by production, for example, tree bark, is sent to the heating center as a pellet fuel. This procedure can reduce emissions. The pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and is environmentally friendly.

Waste Gases

The factory of the Group is equipped with a dust removal system and machines to reduce exhaust emissions. During the reporting period,such a system operaed properly and the local supervisory unit is satisfied with the result.


The factory of the Group is equipped with a sewage treatment system, which effectively improves the circulation of used water to reduce wastewater.

Paper Reduction

The Group actively encourages its employee to reduce the use of paper. We have adopted a common practice of double-sided printing, writing on both sides of the paper, and reusing stationary such as envelopes and file folders.

Water Conservation

We have adopted effective water-saving production methods and instruments. The factory of the Group is equipped with a sewage treatment system to improve the circulating use of water and reduce water waste.
We put up a water conservation slogan and encourages our employees to use water and reduce water waste.