Hong Wei Asia Holdings Company Limited

Sustainable particleboard

Quality particleboards produced with
zero waste manufacturing process

We are principally engaged in particleboard manufacturing and sales.
Particleboard is made from raw materials such as small-diameter wood
branches and agricultural residues

About Us
350,000 m³

Hong Wei (Asia) Holdings

Hong Wei (Asia) Holdings Company Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group”) is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of particleboards. Its products are mainly made of undersized logs, wood branches, and agricultural residue. These products are primarily used by customers in the manufacturing of furniture, flooring panels, and decoration and construction materials.

The Group’s primary markets are located in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) and other Asian countries. The Group is also involved in properties investment in Malaysia and exploring other investment opportunities in the real property market in other countries.



Environmental, social, and governance

As a responsible Group, our mission is to operate the business by incorporating sustainability principles into the core of our business strategies, including focusing on ways to efficiently utilize raw materials deployed for manufacturing our major products in form of particleboards, to create long-term economic value for our shareholders and to ensure our employees having a safe and healthy working environment.

We are committed to minimizing its environmental impact throughout its business processes. Through stringent environmental control in operations, we strive to ensure that applicable environmental laws are complied with. We review and evaluate from time to time the efficiency and effectiveness of our environmental initiatives. It is our aim to strike a fine balance between environmental protection and business growth.