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Registered office and head office in Hong Kong:
Unit 504, 5/F., Tower 2,
Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road
Admiralty, Hong Kong

Telephone: 852-21173587
Fax: 852-21173517
E-mail: winniewong@hongweiasia.com
Website: www.hongweiasia.com

Our Products

Our products include high quality particleboards manufactured under the old production lines and premium quality particleboards which are manufactured under the new production line. All of our products carry the "trade mark", "trade mark" or  trade mark trade mark. 

Our Premium Quality Particleboards are a type of homogenous particleboards. According to Shenzhen Zhongshang Report, homogenous particleboards have only been available in the PRC in the last few years with only a few manufacturers producing them. With their strong adaptability, it is noted in the Shenzhen Zhongshang Report that the outlook of the homogenous particleboards market is positive. 

With the completion of our new production line, we are able to produce premium quality particleboards that meet industry recognized international and PRC Standards and we are able to customize them into different dimensions and specifications up to 9 feet width and 18 feet length. Our Directors believe that our capabilities un the new production line will consolidate and increase our market share, differentiate us from our competitors as an environmentally friendly manufacturer and strengthen our reputation in the industry. 


High Quality Particleboard 


Premium Quality Particleboard