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Corporate Profile

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Registered office and head office in Hong Kong:
Unit 504, 5/F., Tower 2,
Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road
Admiralty, Hong Kong

Telephone: 852-21173587
Fax: 852-21173517

Corporate Profile

We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing and sales of particleboards. Particleboards are made with raw materials such as undersized log, wood branches and agriculture and forestry residues, and hence they are in general considered to be environmentally friendly and resources savings reconstituted wood-based panels. Particleboards are used primarily in the manufacture of furniture, flooring panels, decoration and construction materials.

Our production base in strategically located in Renhua county, Shaoguan city.

Our new production line, which has commenced full production in December 2013, has an approved annual production capacity of approximately 220,000 m3. Our Directors believe that with our new production line, we have the ability to produce homogeneous Premium Quality Particleboards which would comply with the industry recognized international and PRC particleboard standards and our ability to produce customized particleboards are further enhanced. Our products are primarily used by our customers in the production of furniture and sport equipment (such as table tennis tables) which are sold domestically and exported to overseas markets. Our major revenue drivers include (i) our product competitiveness and our wide product range of particleboards, (ii) our customer relationship and market recognition, and (iii) our advanced production line with scaled production capacity.

Our new production line is installed with advanced technology and machinery mainly imported form Dieffanbacher, one of the world's leading suppliers of wood-based panel machinery and press systems. The new production line is in general more efficient, especially in terms of energy and raw materials savings, allowing us to produce particleboards at lower cost but with better and more stable quality.

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